UltraHide: Hide any window on your PC with a hotkey

There are many tools available online Hiding window that lets you hide all open windows with a hotkey, but some do not offer password protection feature to restrict access. This is where UltraHide freeware application will be useful, this application allows you to hide any window with a hotkey and also allows you to password protect that hidden window for anyone to have to enter the password to unlock previously established.

Using UltraHide

Start the application, set the password to unlock hidden windows, by default is set to 123 if you do not want to use password password leave the password field blank.
After setting the password, click Hide UltraHide to tray.

Now click on any window you want to hide from your boss or family using the Ctrl adaptador molex Alt adaptador molex Spacebar, UltraHide hides the window in the system tray. To access it again double-clicking its icon in the tray and enter the password.

Cons: This program allows you to set custom hotkeys where the user can feel Alt adaptador molex hotkey Ctrl adaptador molex Spacebar too inconvenient to use.

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