Download the most used programs in one place

Most used programs in Windows or Linux in one place
Format the computer and reinstall Windows is a process that can take several hours, because although the installation itself does not require much time, it is cumbersome to have to reinstall all programs you use daily, and configure them to remain as they were.

Ninite, create your own auto-installer programs

Clearly personal settings will task each must do on your own, but we can save hours of sailing and working through Ninite, a site that allows us to download the most popular programs on a single link and automatically install them, so what All we do is to select Programs, then wait to download and start the installation.

Each software will be installed with the default options, and certain advertising and those annoying bar in our browser even eliminate some applications include when installing.

Ninite has all the basic tools and we use every day (perhaps missing some, but keep in mind that they are all free). They are divided into categories: browsers, messaging, media players, images, office, antivirus, file sharing, etc. The most popular programs are there, waiting for a click that check and start downloading, avoiding hours of sailing would mean having to look separately.

Ninite is undoubtedly a very useful, especially for those who like to format the computer quite often site.

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