How to download music and videos with Ubuntu

Program Download music and videos with Ubuntu

If you are not very happy with the known aMule or just feel like another customer to compare test, we recommend Lphant.
Lphant is a client for fast and stable P2P networks initially written for Windows but can run smoothly on Mac and GNU ubuntu Linux through Mono. Mono is equivalent (and compatible) platform.
Microsoft . NET.

Among the advantages of Lphant we can mention that is multilanguage (including Spanish), support webcache, exercises control of corrupt files and, above all, work interchangeably and simultaneously in three P2P networks: eMule ubuntu eDonkey, BitTorrent and Kad (kademlia).

To install Mono must be previously installed, at least these packages
Then download the latest version of Lphant Command Line version. zip from here.

After unpacking, you enter the folder that has been created:

rutaalacarpeta cd

Make the LphantCmdLine executable file. exe:

chmod ubuntu x LphantCmdLine. exe

And run it:

. ubuntu LphantCmdLine. exe

Several messages should appear on the console stating that Lphant is installing. If you want to handle yourself from the command line the instruction will help detailing all the available commands. It is advisable to activate the web interface Lphant is more comfortable.

To enable the web interface and can be controlled via a browser have to type the command:

ubuntu setconfig brings WebInterfaceEnabled

And set a password:

ubuntu setpass yourpassword

Finally to open the Interface Lphant in Ubuntu we should write on your browser: http: ubuntu.0.0.1:4662/
Just have to enter the password and have an excellent program ready to download music and videos and all kinds of P2P files with Ubuntu. The interface is very simple, intuitive and easy to handle.

If you have problems during testing existing installation to install the latest versions of Mono or download version 2.01 of Lphant as effective and fast but without the Kad network.

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