How to make Windows Vista look like Windows XP

Returning to the design of Windows XP in Vista

Many are buying new computers, but no longer are achieved with the beloved Windows XP, but Windows Vista or Seven. For some, this new software is very nice and interesting, but for others it is really hateful and would like to continue as before. If you are one of those who prefer to stay with the old look, follow these steps to have it.

Steps to return to the design of XP in Vista

Go to Start, and click the right mouse button. You will see several windows xp looking where it says properties or properties in English. Several tabs, including one that says Startup menu is displayed. There, click the box that says Classic Home. This will give you the look of the previous version.

Ready? Come out and click on a location on the desktop that is blank, that is to say, where there are no folders or icons (somewhere on the desktop picture). Click with the right mouse button and looking customize, or Personalize. There you will have several options, and one that says topic or theme. Once inside, you’ll find an arrow whose first option tells Change issue. Select Windows Classic. Click where it says OK.

We’re almost finished, we can only do one step. Go back to the Windows Start menu, then to the documents or documents option. Windows Vista will be located above the left. Find the word that says organizing or organize, and choose Folder and search options. There, in the general tab, you will have an option that says Use Classic Windows folder, so you have the typical look of XP folders. Click OK and ready.

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