So Omid Kordestani, CEO of Twitter ... no tweets

Since it was confirmed that Jack Dorsey was the new CEO of Twitter nearly two weeks ago it has hardly spent any day without the social network outside news. First, it plans to relaunch without the limit of 140 characters, until now one of its aplicaciones then by presenting the Twitter Moments tab and the decision to dismiss its workforce 8. And now, for the signing of Omid Kordestani, a former employee of Google.

Twitter has confirmed that Kordestani take up the post of CEO, the same as when Jack Dorsey left vacant following the resignation of Dick Costolo last June, he became interim CEO or functions. As recorded by The Wall Street Journal, Kordestani functions in this role will be more operational than the CEO, focusing on supporting the board and in the search for talent at a time, by the way, in which the company has chosen to reduce its workforce.

Kordestani, 51, comes from a vast and rich history on Google, which has served responsible business and where he eventually became a confidant of none other than the president, Larry Page. His appointment confirms and narrow, for many, the bonds that unite a while to Twitter with the Internet giant, which has come occasionally rumored plans to acquire the social network.

However, there is one detail that has caught the attention of those who have echoed the signing of Kordestani: it seems that practically does not use Twitter. In fact, the tweet with the officially announced joining the team of the social network is the ninth of his profile, opened five years ago. An official of Twitter tweets seems not a contradiction, however, some argue that it can also be exploited as an advantage.

Because one of the objectives of Twitter to break the impasse of its user community and regain the confidence that investors have in it when he was a promising social network in the lug is precisely to reach those who have not yet managed to conquer, for example, Kordestani.

Thus, someone who never quite caught on Twitter may be the best candidate to finish giving the platform just that he lacks to seduce others that, like him, the network never finished arouse enthusiasm.

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