How to make Windows run faster

10 Tips for your Windows faster

To make Windows run faster do not need to call a technician, not become one, let alone resign yourself to wait 10 minutes after you press the power button until you can finally surf the Internet or do your homework. Here we tell you 10 simple tips to achieve in just minutes and go crazy without learning about the craft.

It follows the step of each of these tips and, when you turn on your computer, you will be surprised by its agility, is a promise!

Step 1: Delete what you do not use

Windows to go faster you eliminate the extra weight that delay, that is, programs, applications and extensions that really do not need.
There are thousands (if not millions) of Internet sites from which you can download, sometimes paid and sometimes free, any program that you need, accessories and all kinds of material. You no longer need to clutter your computer do not use things.

Frees RAM storage and uninstalling programs and accessories that are not necessary for your everyday tasks. Do it with the option to Uninstall (Uninstall) folders for each program or from the Windows Control Panel, not just delete them, as this leaves many leftovers also delay your Windows.

Step 2 to speed up Windows: Removes extensions and accessories

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer add-ons and extensions used too often delay performance. When you have many of these unnecessary applications notice that programs are slower, and even collapse.

Remove them from the Settings or tools each browser, properly Steps for Windows is Faster for deletion.

Step 3: Make faster start

The time it takes Windows to start depend on the number of programs to be loaded at startup. Open Windows settings (usually: Start-Run and type MSCONFIG, working in the Home tab) and remove or disable the initiate to load the operating system or do it from the configuration of each program and complement, removing the option Boot Windows or during installation, as appropriate.

Step 4: Cleans and defragments Windows for faster
Open My Computer Steps for Windows is Faster Computer and right-click on the hard drive to open the Properties. Go to the tab Clean disk space, which will remove junk, or use specific programs for free download from the Internet.

Then repeat this access and go to Tools and select the option to check errors (often prompts you to do so in the next restart) and then defragment the disk. You can also use specific programs you find on the Internet.

Do it with all hard drives of your computer, and then restart each run. These two steps are essential for garbage and sort files, speeding up the reading and using the discs, and thus making Windows more quickly.

Step 5: Upgrade

The drivers are constantly renewed, and you need to update for better performance of your computer. You should also update codecs and plugins. You can do it manually and with specific software. In our article How to update Windows drivers you have good ways to achieve it.

Step 6 to accelerate Windows: Use Portable

Use portable programs and supplements, which run from disks and folders online rather than installed on your computer, and have very little weight. Surf the Internet and find the one that best fit your needs.

Step 7: Save energy

The energy saving settings can take your Windows. Adjust power options from the Control Panel, choosing the High Performance or Optimized.

Step 8: Disable what you do not need

Sometimes you should not uninstall components and accessories, but disable them, particularly those relating to the operating system running by default and are related to other programs.

Do it running (from Home) services. msc or specialized utilities, comoTuneUp Utilities, only if you’re sure what you’re doing.

Step 9 for Windows to run faster: Change antivirus
Residents are very heavy antivirus programs. You may not use any (not recommended) or choose some lighter, like those that run from the cloud (like Avira and Panda Cloud, among others).

Step 10: Use the web

Take advantage of all that the Internet has to give, using online applications and accessories. Spreadsheets, text, images and all file types can be created, edited and managed from Web applications, so you do not have to install software nor save file on your computer.

Apply these 10 tips and allow your Windows run faster than I ever imagined, at no cost and without having to call a specialist.

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