Opening faster frequently used programs

To improve the user experience in front of a home computer, we can choose to perform many tricks and simple solutions. One is the creation of fast and efficient access to the most frequently used programs, to always remain at hand without looking for in the program menu bar beginning. A faster way to open frequently used programs, is to place a shortcut on the list of quick links start menu.
It can do so by following the instructions to add programs to the Start menu.

Another way is to enable the quick start. This is a submenu that will visible by right clicking on the start bar (by default, located below the screen, next to the start button) and display enabling quick start in the window that opens option. We can put there all desired access, create a shortcut on the desktop (right click on the shortcut icon and selecting Create Shortcut – then dragging it to the desktop or to the submenu) and dragging it to the submenu. In Windows 7, we can add the icons you want in this bar simply by dragging or clicking the right mouse button and then select pin to the taskbar.

A third way of opening faster frequently used programs is establishing what has been called Windows shortcut writing. This is a specific key combination you use to open the programs. We can customize completely at ease. To do this, we place the icon or the file access program (either a shortcut, or the program menu bar start) and select the Properties option program.

There, we will see a window with three tabs, called General, direct access and support. In general, we can change the name that give access, among other details, that of compatibility, we can determine the details of compatibility with the system and other applications and configuration details. On the Shortcut tab we can set other details, including the target of the shortcut, the determined start, the program execution mode (normal window or windows minimized or maximized). We may also change the icon or visible image of the file and other details.

But what concerns us here is the Shortcut key option. We will see a white box on which we can write. Clicking there will press the key or key combination (in order) that we want to determine access to the program. For example, if much use the Microsoft Office Word program, we can set the keyboard shortcut W. CONTROL and then proceed to click the white box, we press the CTRL key, and without releasing the W key pressed will see that on the screen He says, by default, CONTROL windows 7 ALT windows 7 W. Thus, when you press this combination the program will automatically open.

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