How to install FTP vsftpd in Ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to set up our own manager FTP file transfer (File Transfer Protocol) in Ubuntu.

With it, we can make our own file storage server, storage sites, or as an FTP client, store files on the web, manage a Web site, create online backups of your home or office or simply backing up files. Installation:

Installing vsftpd

Open a command prompt and type sudo apt-get install vsftpd. We put the root password, and then simply follow the instructions.

2. Change the settings file

There are several ways to do it. We can manipulate the configuration file from the desktop, or by using the command line.

A. – Open the vsftpd configuration file. conf with a text editor. The file is in the directory where you installed the vsftpd.
– If we use a file browser, we move down and double-click on a file called vsftpd. conf
– If you prefer to use the command line, then we can do something similar. We open a terminal and type vsftpd. conf vsftpd type. conf. sample after changing directory vsftpd.

B. – We replace the contents of the file with the text in the FTP vsftpd in Ubuntu etc FTP vsftpd in Ubuntu vsftpd. conf configuration file example.
– The default value in the compiled program is quite FTP vsftpd in Ubuntu This file will allow to change the parameters for the FTP service more usable

3. Create a user account with limited for use with ftp for security reasons privileges

This will help us to be more organized.

4. Configuring your router

To enable forwarding data through ports on the ports used by FTP (20 and 21 TCP). It must notify the IP address of the FTP server. This applies to other services (such as email)

5. Decide how to run vsftpd

vsftpd can run either from an inetd or as a daemon that starts from a startup script.

To run in standalone mode, you enable the option of listening in the configuration file by adding listen = YES because the function has the default value NO.

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