Yahoo lost two senior executives

It is not the first time that a holder is published as well. Moreover, over the last year have been a few. Yahoo just see how two senior head of Development, Jackie Cattle and senior vice president of Alliances and Platform Marketing, Lisa Licht- out the door.

It happened, according to the web publishing technology specializing in Recode last week. The fate of Licht, who had since 2012 in Yahoo, has not transpired, but the cattle, which has joined Square, the San Francisco company behind the electronic payment is Jack Dorsey, co-founder and now CEO, Twitter.

Some talk of a veritable exodus of talent at the highest levels of the company, caused by lack of understanding of the business strategy of refocusing the current CEO, Marissa Mayer, started on arrival, from Google.

In June Alex Stamos left Yahoo, where he was responsible for security, to join Facebook as chief information. In July Telley Jason did, after just 15 months in charge of the company’s commercial director for UK. In early September Kathy Savitt, head of marketing, left his post to join the startup of STX Entertainment film and television. They are just some examples.

Since landing Mayer, Yahoo, who triumphed as a search engine, it has focused on the content. After certification, not without pain, that Google was the world search giant worldwide, except for places like Russia and China, and live, in 2009, one of its most difficult years due to the sharp decline in their business advertising and cuts that resulted in 700 workers at the company changed course.

His team seems to be clear that the time of the general portals is over, and working for some time to offer original and exclusive for our users content and is not only traditional but also multimedia content , he explained in an interview TICbeat Fernando Carrion, Director of Planning and Strategy for Spain. So, he undertook a firm commitment to the video content and the transfer of specialized sections for prestigious firms such as Yahoo! Beauty beauty portal, which the American queen makeup, Bobbi Brown is responsible. It has also decided porintegrar the search technology Microsoften its website (although recently he put horns with Google), and has established a strong network of partners’ who put their service by default in exchange for a substantial sum of money. Experts and analysts say 2015 will be the decisive year to see if the strategy works. For now, it seems that some officials have refused to wait and see.

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