What is the purpose of the auxiliary 4-pin connector on a motherboard?

Intel launched the series of Pentium 4 processors in 2000. The original series of Pentium 4 processors running at speeds up to 1.5 GHz – significantly faster than the previous generation products processor.
There the auxiliary power connector pins in four motherboards to meet the demands of the Pentium 4 and later processors.


The Pentium 4 processor requires 12 amps of power at 12 volts. The four-pin auxiliary connector provides 12 volt power directly to the processor, ensuring that the processor receives a constant supply of energy required for stable operation. Although it may be possible to run a Pentium 4-based computer auxiliary four-pin connector removed, doing so may result in instability and system crashes.

Buying a Power Supply

When you buy a power supply, compare the number of pins in the main connector for ATX motherboard you plan to use. ATX main power port on the motherboard can have 20 or 24 pins. In addition, the motherboard can have a four-pin and eight-pin auxiliary port to the processor and other connectors for PCI Express or AGP Pro video cards. Purchase a power supply connectors that match the ports on the motherboard. If you are unsure about compatibility, Intel and AMD both maintain lists of sources of supply tested and certified to do reference.


If you have a motherboard with an auxiliary power port and four-pin does not have a power supply with a corresponding connector, which may be able to use a power cable standard four-pin device in place. A cable four-pin device has four wires – red one, two black and one yellow – and usually has a white plastic connector on the end. This type of connector is also called a Molex connector. As the auxiliary power connector four-pin Molex power connector provides 12 volts. Purchase a P4 adapter Molex Molex connector to attach an auxiliary power port on the motherboard.


An auxiliary power connector four pins are keyed to prevent incorrect installation. Looking at the supply port motherboard, you will see that the edge of the harbor has a high profile, allowing the release lever on the side of the power connector to lock it in place. The lever and the card must face the same direction. Push the connector into the port firmly until the release lever clicks.

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