Minimizing Winamp bar system

Winamp place in the system tray

When many applications have minimized to the taskbar, to eliminate or reduce any of them is usually a relief, even if it is only one. Winamp has an option that allows us to prevent it from appearing on the taskbar, and do it in the System Tray or System bar (next to the clock).
Winamp to place the bar (System tray), we must go to Winamp bar preferences (or ctrl Winamp bar p).
A window with several options left open. General preferences and then select the option to the right that says Show Winamp in: tildamos the Tray Icon option and destildamos trackbar, that only appears in the system tray.

For more options, we can choose the icon that will appear by moving the tab that is next to where it says System tray icon. Then, click on close and ready, we have a little more space on the taskbar.

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