How to upload and share audio

Goear boasts of being the audio Youtube, where anyone can upload a song, sounds, podcast or audio file to share and to listen online, along with the useful option to place the file on any existing web page or blog.

Upload and share audio files to Goear is very simple, you must first be registered with a username and password by entering Login Audio si Musica Sign Up (click on Register to create an account).
To enter you must click on Click here to join to your user panel, and then in the bar located at the top upload to upload the file.
The data requested and finally Browse to find the file is then complete, and finally click the Upload button.

Castpost is another site that offers a service to upload and share audio, through a personal account that will provide a space for storing and sharing files. In addition to the MP3 audio format, you can share video (mpeg, avi, mov, wmv, 3gp) with a capacity of 100 mb in each account and a maximum file size by 50 mb.

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