How to update the BIOS in Windows Vista

After upgrading to Windows Vista or after you upgrade the hardware on a Vista machine, a BIOS upgrade may be necessary. Your system basic input bios output controls communications between the operating system and the hardware input and output. BIOS update allows your existing internal hardware to work properly with Windows Vista.
A BIOS update also optimizes the system for Windows Vista environment. Free BIOS updates are available in most computer manufacturers and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Things You’ll Need

BIOS update file


Visit the website of the manufacturer. Locate the Support or Downloads section of the website.

Enter your computer model number or label, located on the computer itself, on the site of the manufacturer support.

Download the latest BIOS update available for the Windows Vista operating system. Some sites use a link, while others have a button.

Read the instructions on the BIOS update. These instructions are available on the manufacturer’s website, along with the download or the BIOS update is downloaded.

Double-click the BIOS update file to run the BIOS flash utility.

Follow the guided wizard prompts you to update the BIOS.

Restart the computer after the BIOS update is complete if you use the system is restarted.

Tips bios Warnings

The exact steps vary by brand and model of your computer. The website of most manufacturers is the brand of computer. For example, Dell would dell. com.

BIOS updates may not be available for Windows Vista for all models. Older model computers, especially those made with Windows 98 or earlier, contain motherboards that do not support the minimum hardware requirements for Windows Vista. For such computers, they have not created the Windows Vista Upgrade BIOS.

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