How to rejuvenate skin with Photoshop

Over the years the shape of our face is changing, and will become more apparent when we see old photograph ies and compare them with current. Fortunately, we now have programs like Photoshop to eliminate over time, and wrinkles, allowing rejuvenate faces in a heartbeat.

In this tutorial we will see how to make the skin look smoother, so that those wrinkles are erased slightly to look younger.

To begin, we will use this image:

Once opened in Photoshop. Duplicate the layer: graphic design Duplicate Layer (CTRL graphic design J). We changed the layer mode to: Intense Light (Vivid Light) and invest the layer. For this, we can press CTRL graphic design i and go to graphic design graphic design Invert.

Now go to graphic design graphic design Gaussian Blur (Filter> graphic design Gaussian Blur) and 0.5 apply to the radio.

Note: The values used in this tutorial work for this picture is small. To apply a bigger picture we must increase the values.

If you are using another picture and know that putting values, vary until the image you can see the lines of the eyes, nose and mouth, as shown in the image above. That’s the trick with the Gaussian blur to this graphic design hardly be noticeable lines that define the face, the rest does not matter Then add another filter to this photo. We’re going to graphic design graphic design High Pass (Filters> graphic design High Pass)
Radio 2.1 for use.

Now we see that the layer already turned a normal color. In this step does not matter that the eyes and mouth we remain unfocused, while the skin is smooth and real. We press OK. Then we add a layer mask to the latter. We go to graphic design Layer graphic design Hide All (Layer> graphic design Hide all)
Has a black square appears next to the preview image in the layers panel. Do not despair! Not that the whole effect disappeared. Just to show we hid the parts that interest us show, in this case the skin of the lady. Using a brush, with white as the foreground, we click on the black square representing the layer mask layers, and paint on the skin avoiding the eyes and mouth.

If we are doing well, we will see the black square in the layers panel, the shape of the face appears white. Once we finish painting the face and neck of the lady, we change the Opacity (Opacity) mask. We went down to 60 (or whatever they see fit according to the result you want to).

As we see, while not stay with Mrs. baby skin, this effect earned him a softness to the skin that is not unreal, but that rejuvenates.

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