How do texts with fire in Photoshop

Another effect we can achieve with Photoshop software for editing content is the stylization in the texts, reflecting or recreating different styles, materials and general finishes. This time we will learn to create a text with fire, to achieve stunning and attractive designs.

We start by opening a new document in Photoshop, or create a new layer in the document on which we are working.

However, it will be more convenient to the first option. So, we create the base layer in black color and the text layer with white writing in the style and desired sizes. Copy both layers and merge them together to join them, reserving a copy of the original below. Then we will rotate the canvas 90 from Image – Image rotation, 90CCW (ACD).

And inclined layer, we apply the wind effect from the Filter menu – Stylize. When we are satisfied with the applied wind (wind then remember that this reflected the flames of fire), apply the changes and repeat the effect until a desired format. We can simplify this step by pressing Control F many times as you want. Then, we turn to rotate the canvas, to let vertically.

Then we apply a Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian) of no more than 3 pixels, and then adjust the hue and saturation (Image – Adjustments – Hue graphic design Saturation). Lower the tone to red and raise saturation, ensuring that this branded the Colorize option.

After accepting, we duplicate the layer and do the same, this time changing the tone until a fire-like color, without tick the Colorize option. We’ll have ready the flames, now you need to give them movement.

For that we open the Filter menu, and the Blend option. Select the Smudge tool, to the left of the window that appears, and with it we will make waves. This tool works as it says, like a finger pressing the mouse, drag and spot colors, like putting your finger on a fresh paint. Changing brush sizes and density, we will draw waves making fire, to give motion effect.

We play with these tools to achieve the desired effect, remembering to use the buttons rebuild to return to a previous state, or Ctrl graphic design Z to undo the last change.

When we have achieved the desired effect, apply by clicking the OK button. Bring forward the original layer and degraded decoloramos in effect, and we will have finished the job.

You can see a sample image attached to the note. The fire text effect is very attractive for brochures or presentations.

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