As download the album covers in Winamp

Lanueva version of Winamp, the 5.5 comes with many improvements and renovations. Perhaps the most important is its interface, which includes a new way to sort and display the file information.

This new version includes the ability to load the covers of each album, undoubtedly a very interesting to complete the information of each song and make the catalog more attractive option.
s caps or covers of each album the load can manually or automatically.

In the first case, we must have the disk image on their PC, and do the following:
– Open the ID3 of the song, either by double clicking on the title of the player, where the name of the song is displayed in the main window (songticker) or clicking the right button on the song in the Playlist, and then view file info (Alt album covers in Winamp 3)
– In the window ID3 go to the Artwork tab, and in the graphics editor we click on load graph (load artwork). The browser opens to load the image. Then we accept and we will have loaded the cover image.

To do this automatically, ie, load the disc cover online, we click the right button on the box where you would the cover image in the media library, and then get album art.

Winamp will connect to your database and look for the covers that best fit the file information. Then, if available, must select from all caps to the right they are.

Another way to download the cover is going to ID3 and the artwork tab, rather than clicking on load artwork pressed download art or download graphic.

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