As data automatically load songs in Winamp

ID3 are labels that include multimedia files, especially MP3, with information about the artist, album, song, genre, comments, etc.

The new version of Winamp, the 5.5, have included an option to complete this information automatically.
This is very useful when you do not have complete data files and want to keep organized multimedia library.

To upload the data automatically, go to the Media Library or Playlist, where the playlist is displayed, and you click the right button on the song. Then we look in the window that opens option sent to: , and then Auto-tag
Winamp will connect with the database via the Internet and download the required information. Once loaded, the display on the status column will show done. by clicking on the subject below show us the information found in the database, if successful, apply the changes and we will have the ID3 updated.

In turn, we can update multiple files at once. You just have to mark all the songs we want to update and follow the same steps. The window with the list of items opens, and one by one angry looking Winamp and updating information.

It is clear that to update the ID3 is necessary to be conecado internet, and although the information is not always reliable, can serve for many songs you do not know who the artist or title of it.

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