Amazon launches an offensive against false review

Amazon has initiated legal action against some 1,114 unidentified persons who were not truthful comments posted on certain products on its platform in exchange for economic compensation. Such reviews’ false usually quite common and difficult to prove, but in this case the company Jeff Bezos believes it has sufficient evidence that these individuals clearly altered the views of some items on their site.

Specifically, Amazon would have found more than a thousand people who sold a false opinion on any subject of the company for just five dollars.
They did it through online web platforms for small jobs, mainly Fiverr. The subjects used false names to avoid being tagged and often changed their IP addresses to prevent alarms were fired.

In its complaint, filed with a court in Seattle, Amazon complains that a very small minority of vendors and manufacturers are trying to gain an unfair competitive advantages by creating false and misleading inauthentic for their products in Amazon customer reviews. com. The company goes on to state that, although small in number, these reviews’ false potential to undermine the confidence of customers and thereby tarnish Amazon brand.

Reviews little worked

The truth is that these fraudulent reviews is not that they were particularly worked and denunciation as Amazon, lack any sense beyond altering the system of valuation of the company. Bezos and company highlighted cases such as a USB cable that had illuminated the life of the lucky (and nonexistent) buyer or several reviews that, regardless of the product were, the best was the cool boot device.

In short, what most interested them to companies that hired these particular services was not so much the text that was published but the score will give the product, so that increase unreasonably and appeared best placed on the Amazon site, attracting more customers. On this last point, Amazon is already implementing artificial intelligence tools to better weigh the scores of their products and avoid these scams.

Collaboration absolute Fiverr

To try to find out the identities of the subject and get to the bottom of the case, Amazon is working closely with Fiverr, the page in which many of the defendants promoted.

The startup, which received 30 million in its latest round of financing, explicitly prohibits its terms in such services, which has already withdrawn most of these ads and remains attentive to erase any trace of this activity fraudulent.

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