Adidas shoes to fit every foot thanks to 3D printing

3D printing again broaden their horizons once again, and this time we met a new application of this technology in a field as fashionable as is the running ‘. Thus, the sports brand Adidas has announced a line of running shoes called Futurecraft 3D, which has as main novelty the possibility of adapting the insole of the shoe to the foot of each user.

The operation of this technology is very simple.
The buyer who wishes to get one of these custom will walk on a treadmill in the store with a shoe that will serve as a mold or meter slippers.

Establishment employees compile the data collected in the test and pass a CAD software to eventually create a copy of flexible and fully breathable template. This sole is fully customized, including all exact contours and points where we do more with our feet pressure.

To make the template, made of modified thermoplastic polyurethane, an innovative 3D printing process known as laser sintering is used. This technique involves the use of a light beam to melt the material (in powder form) and go creating various desired shapes in the template. Finally, the store clerk should just pick up the sole of a polymer powder bed, clean it and place it in the complete shoe to give it to the customer.

100 custom shoes

With 15 development teams involved and the support of the Belgian company Materialise, Adidas claims that this new generation of personalized sports shoes 100 enable better fit the needs of each individual buffer, increasing efficiency and avoiding discomfort and even injury.

Also, Daniel Cocking, director of Adidas footwear development, said in his blog that these new shoes feature a durable elasticity, high tear strength and excellent resistance to abrasion.

There are still no official release date or estimated with this shoe goes on sale price is unknown, but surely that is not in the lower segment of the market. At the moment, we have to stay with the desire to get hold of these models and keep doing sport shoes lifetime.

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