TCP Monitor Plus, lightweight network monitor for Windows

To learn more about the connections the operating system and the programs that run on it now, you have to look beyond what Windows itself is offering.

While you can use native tools to get some information, which are not easy to use and often not as useful as third-party tools that provide better information.

TCP Monitor Plus is a lightweight portable network monitor for Windows.

The program shows the different modules offers a row of tabs at the top.

The default tab Traffic Monitor displays information about traffic network adapter. You may need to use the dropdown menu to select the correct adapter from the list, especially if you have installed multiple ones or use virtual adapters also.

Displays information about the current rate of transfer into and out of the total, packets, and a dynamic graph displays the data in real time.

While it may be useful for some, it does bandwidth track over time, for example, the remaining modules that TCP Monitor Plus offers may be of interest.

Packet Monitor captures packets once the start button is pressed. It does not run automatically, as it would accumulate a large amount of data to do so.

The good thing is that you do not need a third party tool to capture data. Once you start the process after verifying that the selected IP address is correct, you will see the local IP address and remote ports and other information in the interface.

You can check the name resolution table before you start, and to resolve IP addresses to host names whenever possible.

Session Monitor instead shows all open connections immediately. This module automatically runs at startup and can be stopped by clicking a button.

Shows open connections that can be very useful in determining the connections of your team makes. Some of them may be initiated by you, for example, when a browser is used, while others may be automatic.

The next two modules, interface statistics, display information about network interfaces and protocol statistics and information. The first displays information about all similar to ipconfig shows interfaces, the second technical information such as maximum TCP connections, if IP forwarding is activated or the number of TCP connections failed.

The remaining five modules run nslookup, netstat, whois, ping and tracert commands right at the interface. All but netstat require you to enter a host name first want to run the command. The results are echoed directly in the program interface.

The program preferences provides are very extensive. Each module has its own set of preferences that can be changed and there is one for the whole program.

You can change the units used by the traffic monitor, change the monitor range of packages, ports filter, check the log files for most operations, or change the icon in the system tray based program the network speed.

Closing Remarks

TCP Monitor Plus is an amazing tool. It is only 332 kilobytes in size, but comes with many functions. It is portable, lightweight, and provides a wealth of information related to the network. Great tool, highly recommended.

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