Software to play MP3 and other audio files

The best programs for playing music

For those looking for the best programs to play your MP3 and other audio formats, in this note we will make a brief tour of the three that we consider most interesting, functional and complete in order to achieve the highest quality in the plays, and as alternatives to Windows Media and Winamp two greats of the genre you probably already know.

AIMP, reproduces all kinds of audio files

AIMP is a fantastic completely free and partially translated into Spanish program, which guarantees a high quality sound.

We can play our favorite tracks quickly and easily, since it has a very easy to use environment, plus it has to change the sound to our liking or computer settings we’re using a lot of options.

Recreational AIMP met some very interesting, and choose whether we want to change between songs or automatic playback volume setting that scares us prevent volume differences in our tracks smooth.

This player is one of the most audio formats allows us to play, so we will find limited or no need to have other players when you want to open a file not as common. Moreover, we can choose whether we want to install in our computer or use it as a portable version.

Alsong, playing songs with lyrics

Another interesting program for playing our files is the alsong. It is a music player that allows us a lot of features with a simple interface but that allows the addition of a number of covers and colors, so that we can adapt the environment to our tastes in minutes.

It includes an interesting equalizer ten tracks that will allow us to balance high and low so we get the best sound quality. Moreover, we can create our custom playlists and albums in a very simple and intuitive way, so that we can access a certain list of songs without having to set it every time you want to hear.

Moreover, alsong also has a database with letters of more than one million songs, so while we are listening, we go watching them. In the case of not having any of the songs, we introduce ourselves easily.

Quintessential Media Player, changing formats and other functions

Quintessential Media Player is a program used to play music files both as our favorite video files. In turn, we can also change the extent and organize each and every one of our tracks, and even we can play our CD smoothly.

Quintessential Media Player is one of the most complete players in the world, and in which, in addition to reproductions, we can modify the environment so we get suit our tastes and aesthetic trends. All this makes it one of the most recommended systems.

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