Recording a CD of 90 minutes or more

Burn a CD of 90 minutes or more, step by step
First we find out if our recorder supports overburning
We are going to Nero Burning software Select Recorder. A dialog box appears with the available recorders and characteristics of the selected is displayed. Among the features figure if it supports recording a CD oversized.
Also in the last frame where we have a click Record Options button that shows the features of the recorder.

This information also shows any program that is used to record, where one is found.

Then go to software software General tab and put in the status bar that says Red marker 89 min 59 sec. In the yellow marker is 80 min we indicate the limit of regular CDs.

This step is not necessary for recording work and depend on the version of Nero, is only a cosmetic step to alert you when you get over 90 min.

Then we go to the Advanced Features tab and mark where it says allow recording disc-at-once oversized or something similar and put the same maximum length of time before that is 89 min 59 sec.

From here we proceed as always selecting the files you want to record until the recording.

When recording is very important to select as the recording method Disc-At-Once because the Track-At-Once recording not oversized.

When we give to record a tale warning us that the compilation size exceeds the normal size of a CD and if you are willing to burn oversized appears. We Burn CD must accept extra size, and if the recorder supports will be recorded perfectly without mistakes.

For 99 minutes CD recorder that supports it, the method is the same, only you have to put 99 min instead of 89min 59sec.

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