New Lite-ON Flasher Windows can also make backups, region code changes

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Karr Wang, author of kprobe, a utility to check the quality of media CD bios DVD recorded by Lite-On drives, has released a new tool. 1.1.
0 LtnFlash to flash easily and backup firmware Lite-On drives. The tool not only works with Lite-On CD-ROM and DVD-ROM LTD-163. The tool can also update the boot code, what this means is explained here: Thanks to dhc014: All Lite-ON units, except for LTD-163 and CD-ROM has a certain amount of flash ROM reserved for the boot code. During the last discs 6S and 7S (and most others) all occupies 512 KB flash chip. Of that 16 KB of size fits on one side and usually not shone by Windows Flashers Lite-ON. If something goes wrong while flashing Boot Code area maintains the minimum functions of the unit so it can still be detected by the BIOS and Windows and can flash back to retrieve it. If you choose to flash boot code area and something goes wrong, then the unit can not be detected and you have to use DOS-mtkflash can reflash all ROM containing boot code to retrieve the unit. Sometimes the boot code needs to be updated and if that is the case then set the Lite-ON Windows Updater to update the boot code. Basically, no flashing boot code is a failsafe for a unit can more easily recover if something goes wrong. The software also contains DVD Region Tools such as enabling bios disabling the counter region and reset the number of updates to the left.

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