MoGo Dapter: Bluetooth adapter worlds smallest

Newton Peripherals has unveiled a device that is believed to be the smallest ever Bluetooth adapter: the MoGo Dapter. Engineers designed the Newton Peripherals USB adapter so to protrude as little as possible from the USB port, making it even easier to stay connected while traveling. IMS Research and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group estimate that about 250 million laptops without Bluetooth support are in daily use.
The MoGo Dapter offers to fill this need and essentially can be one with the laptop (which is negligible, see table below).

The MoGo Dapter is consistent with our corporate objective of producing powerful and easy to use products that allow mobility on the go. Many laptop users refuse to use adapters of any kind, because they can catch, break or are lost. As a result, they are not getting everything you can from your mobile computing experience. The MoGo Dapter solves that challenge, and represents an important step forward. We believe the ultra low profile of Dapter become design Standard adapters for all, said Matthew Westover, Newton Peripherals President and CEO.

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