Making panoramic photos with Photoshop

Many digital cameras include the panorama function, which works ies photograph or joining several shots into a single photo. With Photoshop, you can create this effect easily.

To make a panoramic photo must select the images that we want to unite, but first, take pictures by IAS shots by parties to unite so they have continuity, and real mode reflect the place we are photography iando.

As we see below:

Once we have the pictures on the PC, open Photoshop and go to graphic design graphic design PhotoMerge.
Note: If this option is not in your version of Photoshop, explained below alternative.

We were going to open a dialog box. In that picture, using the Browse button (Browse) choose the picture you want to join ies. Selected as follows: Auto. We press OK and wait.

Usually, we see Photoshop automatically joined different and will have a panoramic photos. The edges are not always perfect. To fix this, simply use the Crop tool (crop) as pictured.

And it will be ready.

Alternative version Another way to join two or more pictures is using Auto-Align Layers.

In a new file, we paste two photos, each in a separate layer from the other.

Now, go to the Layers panel, and select the two layers where we have photos.

We go to graphic design Auto-Align Layers (Edit> Auto-Align Layers).

It will open a dialog, we will use these options:

We press OK and we will have a panoramic list.

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