Listening to online radios with Winamp

Winamp as online radio player

By now stands Winamp music player, but despite being used more than anything to listen to MP3 and other audio formats, the player eventually has offered more than interesting possibilities.

One is to listen online radio. Winamp has an extensive list of broadcasters around the world to listen to the Internet, MP3 quality and in some cases amazed.

SHOUTcast, Winamp Audio si Musica to the radio online

Winamp SHOUTcast used as a source, a technology that allows you to listen in real time without having to download anything, developed by Nullsoft, creators of this excellent player. SHOUTcast uses the MP3 or AAC encoding to transmit Internet radio.

But the great advantage of SHOUTcast plus database of thousands of stations, is the possibility that a user creates its own by downloading a small program. When a user downloads, installs and operates the codecs needed to start a streaming, it is also added to the catalog of SHOUTcast, further expanding the variety of stations.

How to listen to online radio WinAmp

To listen online radios with Winamp, we must open the media library and on the left side seek Shoutcast Radio option under Online Services.

It will show a list of available stations, where we can choose according to gender radios, search by keywords, randomly etc. in addition to display information about the contents thereof (musical genre, station name, users who listen at that time, quality of streaming, etc).

We can also go to the official website SHOUTcast and search from there the thousands of stations available to listen for Winamp.

We can also listen to any online radio without Winamp that is on SHOUTcast servers. We are going to the station you want to hear and seek mms address, which is the media transfer protocol with which Internet radio transmitted. For example, if the station is heard by Windows Media, we open to listen through the player and we click the right button on the Windows Media window. Properties will show the mms address that is being transmitted.

Then we copy that direction and go to the main menu of Audio si Musica Audio si Musica URL (Ctrl Audio si Musica L) and paste in the window that appears mms address. Winamp automatically turns on and starts playing the radio.

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