Like entering a friends computer through an e-mail

Sitienes friends who only want you when they have a problem with your computer, Remote Assistance will surely useful. Remote Assistance is a tool that lets you share your desktop using a PC. In this way, you can enter a friend’s computer to perform certain tasks that it does not know and so help with any problems.

To use Remote Assistance is necessary for the two computers to use Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition. The computer receiving assistance and the computer providing the information must be running Windows XP, and both must be connected via a network or the Internet.

The use of this tool can be done in three ways, through MSN Messenger, via email, or sending a file. This time we will see how to use Remote Assistance via e-mail.

Suppose a friend of yours asks you for help. First, he must click Start Remote Assistance Help and Support, to open the Services Help and Support or from the Windows desktop, press F1.
– Then, click on Invite a friend to connect to your computer via Remote Assistance. This option is under technical Sporte in the left column. The opening page of the Remote Assistance wizard appears.
– Click on Invite someone to help you and enter your email address so you get your invitation. Click Continue and the page will appear Send an invitation email.

There you have to write the name and a message outlining the problem, if it takes more details if you are not well aware. Then, click Continue. In the next window, you have to set an expiration time for the session and specifying a password. It’s you must disclose so you can access your PC, either by phone, sms or via communication.

– Finally, click Send invitation

Now, it remains to accept sending e-mail invitation and inicies Remote Assistance via e-mail. For that:
– Open the email and attachment. Enter the password you revealed your friend in the dialog box and then click Yes.
– When the Remote Assistance screen with the remote desktop appears, you must click Take Control. Then, your friend must confirm permission for you to access your computer.

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