How to whiten teeth and improve the smile with Photoshop

When we have such a powerful tool in our hands, as it is Photoshop, any photograph ed may leave perfect. And one of the most interesting aspects of the whole image is the smile of those present. Then we see how whiten teeth and improve the smile of any the photograph.

We begin by opening the photo you want to edit with Photoshop program. As always please, the best idea is to double the base layer (right click – Duplicate Layer from the Layers menu) and then remove the background, or the hide. Right now we can do all we want with touches tranquility, because we have the original copy below to return to the beginning if the results are not satisfactory.

Let’s focus on correcting and achieve a beautiful smile.

To straighten teeth, bite or to create a couple, we can use the Blend tool. Open the Image menu, and the Blend option. In the window that opens to the left we find the different tools. Select the Freeze Mask (positioning us with your mouse over each, a dialog box appears with the name to identify them), and with this brush cover areas that do not want change, like the lips around the mouth, or for example – bottom teeth. Remember that in the right pane you can change the brush size, density, pressure, speed and other aspects in addition to using the Rebuild button or restore everything to undo the changes.

Then we can use brushes or other tools, as our need. We can move, rotate, increase or decrease the size of each tooth, giving small touches or clicks with every tool and carefully. When we have achieved the desired bite, we apply the changes by clicking the OK button.

Another major change allows Photoshop to create perfect smiles, is the effect of whitening teeth, perfect for smokers. We can do this very simply with the tool of Dodge, located in the menu on the left of the screen. To determine the size of the brush to use, right click on the picture and give the brush size. When we have already selected, we will paint on the teeth. This will make the whites and the brightness, blanching be increased.

You can also select the area of the teeth, using the Quick Mask tool (activate it by pressing the letter Q) and painting on the teeth. Once we have covered the teeth, back to press letter Q to close the tool. We see selected area with a broken line. Now we can change the brightness, hue and saturation of the selected sector from the Image menu – Settings. Since this option can increase the tone, minimize and change channels at ease.

With these simple techniques we can show off a beautiful smile in every picture.

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