How to set up and log into Windows 8

How to configure after installing Windows 8

Once we installed our new operating system from Microsoft, as explained in our guide to installing Windows 8, we will proceed to configure it for use normally.

To do this, we will explain in this article two fundamental points. First, we try the basic configuration issues, and then proceed to create a login on Windows 8 using a Microsoft account.

Basic configuration of Windows 8

During the installation process of Windows 8, we have to start with a small configuration details before you can use, so the program knows best manage all the resources of our team.

This process will occur in the first login, just after copying all files.

Favorite color of Windows 8: The first thing you find is the ability to choose our favorite color to use in the interface of Windows 8. This step is important because we can not change the colors later.

Network Options in Windows 8: Once you choose the color, we will configure the network. On this occasion, it is best to use the fast, safe settings that have advanced knowledge on the issue, allowing us to perform a manual setup and choose or modify the key aspects of our network. To do this we must click on the Customize button.

With these few data and we’re done with the initial setup of Windows 8.

Logging in Windows 8

We have already taken the first steps to configure our new operating system, and now we must proceed to create a system user in Windows 8.

This new version offers the choice between two options for creating a user. The first is through a local account, and the second by a Microsoft account:

Sign in to Windows 8 with a local account: If you choose to create a user with a local account, we will have to add a password, but the problem is that the operation will be restricted to local use on this computer. That is, we can only access Windows through this team.

Log on to Windows 8 Microsoft account: There is a choice of creating a user through a Microsoft account (if you already use Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger will not need to create one). In this case, we will have a lot of advantages, among which is the ability to access from any computer, even though our copy of Windows is installed on which we have at home. As a result, we will enjoy our custom settings as if we were in front of our own PC. Moreover, we can also enjoy an interesting synchronization with our social networks, contacts, email accounts and applications.

Once we have chosen the type of user, we will have to start using our copy of Windows 8 to adapt to its renewed operation.

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