How to remove virus Treat

From the moment we connect to the Internet enter danger zone for our computer, due to the multitude of viruses circulating on the network in search of victims. These can be entered in various ways, and through email is one of the most common.

One of the virus that are causing big headaches is called Treat.
This is auto-ship without the user’s knowledge, thus infecting the computers of our friends.

Usually, it comes via e-mail with a text in Portuguese that reads:


Oi, tudo bem?

Estou lhe sending or treat, and all you detalhes (endereo, schedule and etc) does not annex.

Note 1: Please print or treat esse attached to E-Mail, pois software apresentao mesmo software to do.
2nd Note: Treat direito to Acompanhante com.
3rd Note: So be allowed to entry com or Treat em mos.
4th Note: No deixar go.


An attachment called Treat is included in the message. doc, which when executed, automatically takes over your email account and start auto-sent to all our contacts.

How to remove the treat virus?

There are many tools to do so. One is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

The first step is to download it. Then we disable the System Restore option from the following path:

Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore.

Then we turn off the PC and waited 30 seconds to start it again. Just we turn it on, pressed F8 repeatedly until a menu appears. So we enter in safe mode, necessary to eliminate the virus completely.
spues, execute the downloaded file and perform a full examination.

The next step will be to try to remove all malware found, and if we are asked to reboot, you will not finish NO to delete all of the list. Finally, reboot and the virus should have been deleted.

Another tool to remove the virus is SDFixAndyMachesta Treat

We downloaded, unzip and go to the SDFix folder of drive C, Run the archivoRunThis. bat.

A command of the system, we must press the Y (Yes) to begin scanning opens. The following appears: Please wait

Checking Running Processes

Checking Running Services

When finished, we press any key to restart the PC. The system will take longer than normal to enter. We must wait a few minutes to complete the disinfection. Finally, the text The FixTool have finished appears.

We can also run the cleaning tool CCleaner way that will put an end to the curse that causes the virus Treat.

Note: Keep in mind that most of these antimalwares run under Windows XP and can not function in other operating systems.

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