How to remove pimples and skin blemishes with Photoshop

Photoshop: How to Remove Stains and Granite

You can always happen that a pimple on our face out in the least desired moment: a birthday, a wedding or any special event. But not to worry, that if that pimple or spot on the skin ruined a special photo, we have Photoshop to delete it and pretend that nothing happens.

Let’s see step by step how.

Removing blemishes and pimples with Photoshop

First, we open the image in question. We will use the following as shown:

Then select the patch tool (patch tool)

With this tool selected, we ensure that in the options you see on the top, the Source (source) is checked and make a selection around the grain or stain to remove.

Now put the cursor inside the selection we made, we click the mouse and drag the selection to a clean part of the skin.

When we find an area that we like release the button. Now we can only deselect the mask. We do pressing Ctrl graphic design D or select graphic design deselect (Select graphic design deselect) and ready.

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