How to Record Online Radio

Learn to record online radio

If you are fond of online radio, sometimes you probably want to record your favorite program by the virtual waves. If you have Windows and a card more or less current sound, you can record online radio triggering system Stereo Mix.

My sound card can record online radio?

In general, computers today come with sound cards that enable quality and Stereo Mix option (or stereo mix).
But some older sound cards do not have it.

To find out, it’s as simple as go to Control Record Online Radio Sound and Audio Devices, and then come to Record. If an option Stereo Mix or Stereo Mix appears, then we can move on.

Otherwise, we changed sound card, or search the manufacturer’s website the necessary drivers for this option appears to us, although this is not always possible.

Using a program to record from Stereo Mix

Following the above step, once we see the Stereo Mix option in our Windows, we click the right mouse button and then Activate.

The program you choose to record online radio is one simple, the StepVoiceRecorder, which is free but limited license to about 30 days.

Once installed and running on your computer, simply access the program and you will click the red Record button, and we ask you to save the file. Ready, we’ll be recording the online radio (or anything else that passes through our speakers) until we stop recording with the Stop button.

As discussed, note that Stereo Mix function with any audio that is playing through the computer speakers is recorded, so in addition to online radio, you can also capture and save a song you’re listening.

Tips for recording an online radio

Although as we have seen, record radio stations online is very simple, there are some factors to keep in mind when to maximize the stereo mix:

Ten speakers sound enough to be well record the radio. If you raise or lower the volume, then your recording this volume change will also appear.

If you record a radio program, then you can cut fragments of the recording you do not want (such as advertising, etc.). Google Search for programs which will do that.

If you are using another program that emits sounds, such as chat, they also will be recorded in the recording at the time of recording.

There are many programs that allow you to record in Stereo Mix and offer more options that we have put an example, like AVS Audio Recorder and StationRipper. We can also use Winamp to record any sound from the speakers.

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