How to prevent a virus from infecting our pendrive

One of the simplest and mechanical carry viruses, ways is with our beloved pendrive. Because we say mechanical, as well as carrying the virus are we from a PC to the other. How is that? When we entered our pendrive into the USB slot of another computer, if we infecting virus has the stick with them, and therefore when we return to our pendrive enter our PC, the infectaremos of these viruses because of us.
Having explained to the way how a pendrive is infected, we will provide a list of precautions to keep in mind, because it is always better safe than sorry. That’s why the list of collections is:

How to prevent a virus from infecting our pendrive

Every time we insert our usb on another computer, keep antivirus portable type to run before removal. Never enter our usb on a machine that is already infected, previously infected machine will scan to remove the viruses. Last resort to remove viruses from our pendrive.

In the event that our pendrive was infected and these viruses can not be removed from it, we must format the flash drive (this will erase all files in the pendrive):

Right click on the removable drive Format the pendrive How to protect our PC infected pendrive

1. Click Start, Run.

2. In the window, we will introduce the word REGEDIT.

3. We will go to the next string.


5. We will locate the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value and select with the left button of our mouse.

6. We will select the edit option.

7. We will modify the value, this one 0x00000095.

This amendment does not allow the respective virus of our PC pendrive run.

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