How to open the BIOS in Windows 7

You may need to open the BIOS in Windows 7 if you need to change the system time or manage hardware. BIOS of a computer is the system Basic Input Output. The BIOS is actually an independent system which is independent of the computer operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7.
BIOS of a computer performs a basic check to ensure that all computer hardware components are working properly at initial startup.


Turn off the computer. You can only open the BIOS just before the Microsoft Windows 7 logo appears at boot-up.

Turn on the computer.

Press the key combination to open the BIOS of the computer BIOS. Common key to open the BIOS are F2, F12, Delete, or Esc. Many teams show the key must be pressed to open the BIOS before loading the Windows 7 operating system.

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