How to normalize the volume of MP3 files

All MP3 files with the same volume

For this process use an excellent free program called MP3Gain will allow us to normalize the volume of our MP3 files. Refer to this guide to download and install MP3Gain.

Now we will begin the process to normalize the volume of our MP3 files.

MP3Gain must first run the program, once we enter we follow these steps.

1. Select normalize MP3 files
In this step we have two options Add files or Add folders. With these options we can add MP3 files individually or directly select a folder to add all the files found there.

After selecting the files, they appear in the list of the center.

Tip: To remove the directory from the list and just leave the name of the MP3 files go to Audio and Music Show filename and select Show only the name

2. Select the average volume with which we will normalize the volume of your MP3 files.

This option is located above the list and by default has the value of 89 dB, we recommend leaving this value.

3. Analyze MP3 files

Begin the process to normalize MP3 files by clicking on the Botan Analyze Track, this process could take several minutes depending on the number of MP3 files to normalize.

The meaning of the columns after the analysis are:

Volume: Indicates the average volume in dB of that file.

Radio profit: The increase or decrease will be applied to achieve the profit target volume indicated in Normal
Clip (Track): A Y in this column indicates that we will have distortions in those songs, in this case advisable to decrease the value of Objective normal volume until they disappear these Y.

Clipping: Indicates that at some point this MP3 volume reaches the limit so it can not increase the volume on this MP3.

4. Normalize the volume of our MP3 files

We press on Track Gain button to begin normalizing the volume of our MP3 files. As the files are completed to normalize see how the value of the column Radio Gain is set to 0.

Ready, we have completed the process of normalizing our MP3 files, now all have the same volume (or at least very similar).

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