How to model effect in Photoshop

Elefecto mock performed on any photo AI Photoshop is a fun way to present photos and travel, vacation, places, or even your own city. Here’s how to achieve this effect extremely easily in a few steps so that even someone who has never used the program can.

We begin by loading the program that we want to simulate photo as model, for example, a picture of a city.

We define in this photo a central point on which we will focus. It is more appropriate to define the center of the image, to maximize the effect. Now, we started working.

Use the Quick Mask tool (Quick Mask) in Photoshop. To activate it, simply will press the letter Q. In the window, below left, it indicates that the mask is active (see Figure 1). Colors should be the basis, ie, black and white. Without touching on the image, we define Degraded mode (Gradient) in the menu on the left of screen, and then choose the type of Reflection at the top of the screen. Now, we click the center of the image and hold the mouse button, drag upward in a straight line.

We see that the image has been painted a gradient red, strong center and lost up and down, indicating the selection. Letter Q pressed again to turn off the Quick Mask, and see that on the photograph two rectangles are marked intermittent, top and bottom lines. Without changing anything, go to the Filter menu (at the top), open the menu Blur, and select the Lens Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur Lens) option. We define the values that seem appropriate, noting that the preview is displayed on the screen has been opened. In general rules, within 15-20 with 10 high brightness and a well-threshold suffice Uniform distribution type. We click on OK to activate.

To increase the effect of the photo, retouch the hue and saturation. Open the Image menu, then Settings, and select Hue graphic design Saturation (Image – Adjustment – Hue Saturation). We values 0-40 saturation for a more striking image. In image 2, attached to this note, we will see how the photo would.

Remember that this effect model can be applied to any image, a different and attractive way to present our favorite ies photography.

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