How to install Windows XP with less than 64 MB of RAM

Have less than 64 MB of RAM and is almost inexplicable at this point. It is also true that old computers are relegated to a corner and nobody knows what to do with them. Well, maybe you think about giving it to a nephew or use it for simple tasks.
In this case it will be advisable to put a lightweight operating system, but if the only option you have is Windows XP, we explain how to install it.

As a general rule, Windows XP requires at least 64 Mb of RAM to successfully complete the installation. Although the performance will be significantly reduced, we can install Windows XP on computers with 32Mb of RAM. To do so will make the following steps:
– Copy the files txtsetup. siphon and dosnet. inf into a temporary directory.
– Edit the first file (with notepad) changing the value of RequiredMemory parameter 33,030,144. Perform the same task with the file dosnet. inf changing the parameter MinimumMemory with 33030144.
– From the command prompt start the setup with the winnt32 windows xp m instruction: C: Nombredirectoriotemporal windows xp windows xp to obviate the files included in the installation CD-ROM and use the modified installation files above.

So we can install Windows XP with less than 64 MB of memory. Of course, when using it it will be filled with patience.

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