How to install Windows XP

Surely there are thousands of tutorials on installing one of the most widely used operating systems, but in this tutorial we will see the easiest way to install our operating system, a simple, uncomplicated and explaining each step we have to take into account installation feasible. Steps to install Windows XP:

Then we will see the list of steps we have to follow so that the installation is successful and no problems occur during installation or notification:
1. We will need to have a mandatory Windows XP CD

The minimum requirements that we must meet are as follows: Processor not less than 600 MHz, 64 MB RAM DDR 3 GB of space on your hard drive, CD drive, keyboard and mouse.
3. Once on the computer, keep the delete key. (Delete) until we enter the setup (setup screen our motherboard).
4. When we are in the configuration screen of our motherboard, we will go to the BOOT (home computer), in this part we will see the different forms start having our PC. , Select the BOOT CD ROM option, this indicates that the computer boots from the installation CD. Save the changes and ready.
5. Then insert the Windows XP CD and the screen will ask us we press a key on the keyboard (any key).
6. We will enter on a blue screen which will show us that we have hard disks, select the disk on which you want to install Windows XP on this pressing ENTER.
7. We ask you to format the hard disk, select the NTFS option, you never have to choose quick format, since it will make the computer work incorrectly.
8. Once formatted, Windows will begin to be installed and the computer is restarted.
9. When our computer is booting you will see that it will show CD installation of Windows XP, but this time we are on another screen in which Windows is installed alone, we will only ask us to set the time and language.
10. Once installation is complete, we will not have to do anything else and therefore we can use the Windows XP installed by ourselves
With only 10 steps and the simplest way we can install our Windows XP much as you want, but remember that each facility will delete saved files NEW INSTALLATION IN OLD.

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