How to install Ubuntu on PS3

Inthis case we use Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon PS3 for future versions will be similar steps, only the ISO image of the Ubuntu system is replaced.

To install Ubuntu on PS3 need:

A USB Pendriver, compatible with PS3 memory or a portable hard drive with a FAT32 file format.

A keyboard and a mouse to operate after installing Ubuntu.

A CD with Ubuntu 7.10 PS3. You can download the ISO image of Ubuntu PS3 here, and then you burn to CD recorder from any PC.

Step 1:

Create a new partition on the hard disk of the PlayStation to install Ubuntu.

Go to install Ubuntu on PS3 System install Ubuntu on PS3 Format Utility.

Press X where it says Format Hard Drive and when prompted, click Yes. Then you should choose the disk partition to format, select custom and separate 10GB to install Ubuntu as the second operating system. Accept and give a quick format. Restart the PS3.

Step 2:

Now install kboot on Pendriver, memory or removable disk.

Create a folder within the Pendriver called PS3, and within this folder another call otheros, therein otheros place the file. bld PS3.

Then go to install Ubuntu on PS3 System install Ubuntu on PS3 Other OS and press X to detect and install kboot.

Step 3:

After this installation should go to install Ubuntu on PS3 System install Ubuntu on PS3 System Default and press X on Other OS When asked if we leave the PS3 system and start with another operating system select YES, and the PS3 will reboot.

At startup you will read about the Ubuntu PS3 kboot Loader screen, move the Ubuntu CD PS3 console and after a few seconds that appears on the screen Ubuntu installation wizard for PS3, follow the instructions.

Ubuntu PS3 recognizes all the hardware that can be connected to the console, including Blu-ray drives, network card, USB ports, etc.

To return to the native system restart PS3 Play and the kboot write-game-OS Boot and press Enter. The Play will restart with the original operating system XMB.


To appreciate the full windows, easily read text and menus Ubuntu console must be connected to a PC monitor or HDTV to increase the resolution.

If you are in low resolution mode (576×460) to move the windows on the screen and press ALT anywhere in the window with the mouse click to drag.

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