How to install applications on Ubuntu

Want to improve your experience on Ubuntu? Then you should know how to install aggregates and other applications.

In this article we show how to install simple programs in Ubuntu. Step 1
Connect to the Internet unless you’re using servers offline.


1. Open the main menu, select System, click Synaptic (or Adept Updater, depending on your distribution).

2. Write a query search

3. Select a package that is on what you want

4. Click Install

Through command lines:

1. Open terminal (Konsole, xterm, or any other command line Ubuntu bash shell interface).
2. Type sudo su (sudo as root in the making, and its user switch) to get administrative privileges to install software.
3. Enter the password if requested.
4. When a new cursor after something that looks like root computername: Ubuntu Ubuntu
5. Type sudo aptitude install, but do not press enter! You need to know the name of the software package. sudo aptitude search <program-name> will provide search results for your package when delivered to the terminal. In some cases, you can automatically know what the desired package like sudo aptitude install firefox Look on page packet distribution Ubuntu site.
6. If you are not sure of the name of the program you’re trying to install, you can use tab completion to try to find (the major distributions have several applications within packages in the installation CD.)
Simply type the first few letters of the package you want to install and press the down arrow once or twice.
7. Looks to prepare for installing software packages, then if asked whether or not you want to install, press Y unquoted which means Yes (Si).


– Try to install only the packages you will use

– The update package must also be done through the console mode with the command sudo aptitude. Then ask if you want to update the packages, press Y if you agree.
– When installing a package, other packages can be installed with it too. These are called dependencies.

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