How to install and change the skins of Winamp

The skins in Winamp

The skins allow us to change the appearance of Winamp. In some cases we have themed skins, for example, films or artists.

Winamp versions compatible with skins

First of all, to install and use Winamp skins must have a version of the player that is compatible.
Since version 2.24 or 2.25 hereinafter referred skins you can use the Classics, while with version 5 and up can use all including modern skins.

Wn install Winamp skins

Normally, when you download a skin from the site automatically installed on the player and the folder (in the case you need to be installed manually, do so in the skins folder inside Winamp, usually is in program files skins in Winamp winamp skins in Winamp skins) but what happens when we have several downloaded and want to return to the previous one?

Changing the skin

To change the skin must go to the WinAmp skins folder where they are stored. No need to go from Windows Explorer, but clicking the right button on the main screen Winamp can see an option that says skins, and then positioning ourselves with the mouse over a menu option that is open to all skins installed for us to select the skin you want. Another option to access the menu is entering Winamp preferences (ctrl skins in Winamp p) and then go to on the left side skins option.

In the version of Winamp 2 and 3, to access the folder skins must type ALT skins in Winamp S or give the little O’s in the upper left corner of the screen (above the P) and choose select skin, then, we will choose the skin you want and accept.

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