How to Fix the Windows Start

Home Repair Guide for Windows

Sometimes it happens that you install a new program, update, or downloaded a new driver, and attempt to restart the computer will not start. This may be due to failures in the boot sector, but quiet, you do not need to format or download anything, because we have a useful tool to repair the Windows startup.

This is the SFC, which can easily run and try to solve the problems which start command.
To do this, follow these steps.

Steps to repair Windows startup

If Windows does not start, we must first start the system in safe mode. For this, we press the F8 button on your keyboard for a few seconds after turning on the computer. Do this several times until a screen with several options available, such as starting in Safe Mode with Networking, which is what we choose to continue to appear.

Once the system boots, go to the search box located in the Windows start button. In here, we enter the text cmd, and press Enter. The command console, where we have to write sfc Windows Start scannow opens.

The SFC tool will perform a scan and repair Windows startup files that are damaged. When the indicator reaches 100, reboot and verify that the problem is resolved.

For more details, do not miss the video with all the steps to repair the Windows startup easily.

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