How to fix red eyes in your photos with Paint

How red eyes occur in photos

Red eyes in the photo ies occur in dark places, as they are usually dilated pupil and the flash reflects off the retina. To be full of blood vessels, resulting in a red color light.

Many cameras reduce this effect by triggering the flash at a low intensity several times before taking the graphic design thus, the pupil closes and prevents the problem.
But if we do not have a camera to do this effect, we have tools to remove red eye from your photos, one of which is the free program Paint, the Windows platform.

How to fix red eye with Paint

First, we enter the start menu at the bottom left of the desktop. There you enter all programs, then you click on Accessories and press the icon that says Paint.

Once open, go to the graphic design Open menu and search your computer the picture you want to correct. Now turn the mouse to the tools bar located on the right side of the program, and press on which has a magnifying glass icon. Come clicking the eye again and again, until you can see the details.

Back to the toolbar and select the icon shaped dropper. Then, approach the eye and press the right button on the dark part of the eye, which is not affected by red-eye defect. If the entire dark area is affected, go to the color picker (a small box at the bottom of the toolbar), and select a brown almost black, or a similar tone to the eye of the sitter. Choose the brush located in the central part of the toolbar, select the small size of the paint brush and fill the affected area.

Enter the File menu and press Save. Close the program and already have corrected the problem of red eyes.

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