How to create a pop-up window in flash

graphic design websites and presentations is one of the jobs most needed by companies today. Professionals dedicated to this task should be trained and expand their knowledge of flash and its new applications.

Interactivity can have these presentations, as well as the design of the interfaces are one of the key points for a quality work.
Some languages used, such as scripts, php or java, offer us a great opportunity to use new tricks in our work.

Flash is one of the programs that we use for web designs, and if we know all your applications can improve our work.

Today we will learn to make a button that allows us to create a pop-up window in Flash, which in turn has a button to close it.

To do this, we must first open a new document and create a button. In this button will put a link to the address of the new page that opens as a pop-up.

For this new window has characteristics of pop-up, we must place the target-blank option.
Next step is to open the file in the window that opens as a pop-up, and there create a button that allows us to close.
To create it, we designed the text and shape of the button, select it and click the F8. Then, choose the option button.

In this design we apply our script, which will allow us to close the pop-up window. To do this, go to the Actions option, we press F9 and go straight to the action parameters.

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