How to change the wallpaper image

Change the wallpaper in Windows

Change the desktop background or wallpaper PC is simple, for it click with the right mouse button on it and then click Properties. A window will open files, and there you must go to the desk saying.

There will be a list of Windows to change and set as background images, but if any of them you like, you can put whatever you have on your computer.
In this case you need to click Browse to open the browser and you can pick and choose which you prefer.

The size and position of the image used as wallpaper
Remember that the size of the images you choose is important because it will depend on this so that the fund can not be seen clearly and this pixelated. To accommodate according to preference, there are three other options on the right side that says position. There are three options:

Centered: Places the image in the center of the desktop in its original size, very useful when the image is very small and not well suited to desktop size.

Expanded: Adapt image to screen size.

Tile: Repeats the image to fill the background.

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