How to Accelerate Preview Taskbar

Increase speed Preview in the Taskbar
Within the taskbar in Windows 7 we can see the applications you have running. In these small windows to preview the program is shown in small Accelerate Preview Taskbar If you put your mouse over the default display delay 400 milliseconds, but can accelerate this timeout to be displayed faster. To do this we must change this value from the Windows registry.

Learn the steps to speed up the preview of the taskbar.

How to speed up the preview in the taskbar

First, we go to the Windows registry from the start button. In the search box, we enter the regedit command. The window opens, and therein sail to the following record:


Once positioned there, on the right side MouseHoverTime seek entry. We click with the right mouse button, and select edit or modify. Here we change the value 400 for a smaller (200, for example, that will be half the timeout).

Once you change the value, we accept all changes and close the registry editor of Windows. Finally, we reboot and you will notice that the speed at which the preview of the taskbar is displayed has changed to the new value.

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