How Schedule Off Time on your PC

Utility to set the time of execution of any application

Expect to finish downloading something to finally turn off the PC is not practical.

Problems like this and the like are finished using RS Sandman, the best software to schedule shutdown computer (among other possibilities that are detailed below).

RS Sandman

RS Sandman is a totally free and Castilian application that allows us to turn off the computer at a certain time, closing the session, schedule a reboot, hibernate, shut down the Internet connection, show personalized messages, execute any files or programs and even a screenshot among other functions.

All tasks can be performed by specific time, countdown or intended use of the CPU.

The interface is very intuitive and is based on a single screen from which we will all settings.

It runs under any version of Windows.

Note: It is recommended to uninstall any previous version before installing the new one.

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