Corel exporting to Photoshop files

Steps to export an image from Corel Photoshop

Corel Draw is one of the most used vector objects to design programs. There is also the Photoshop, with similar characteristics. However, Corel offers a wide variety of resources, and vectorization of images or objects.

If we want to export an image from Corel Draw to Photoshop, we can do it in a very quick and simple way by means of a tool to export images, which allows us to effectuate our time, because from there we can also export images created in Corel websites.

The first thing to do to export this, is to design our logo or figure.

For that we open a new file in Corel Draw, and then in our working area of the file, will make the vector shape through the tool of nodes, after we have said drawing and group it should proceed.

The grouping of the vector shape we can develop with the Ctrl G, then command, we export our image as PSD, later editing in Photoshop or apply it in some other program design.

We export the file as follows, select the whole figure with the cursor tool and go to the File menu – Export, otherwise we do it with the command Ctrl E. Subsequently, we will open a window where we appear the options file format, jpg, gif, psd, png, tif, jpg2, TGA, FPX (format camera Kodak), bmp, img, Mac, etc.

Some of these formats, such as gif or jpg of the can use to apply directly to a web site, or we stay in a standard format such as jpg. We can also export as Ai, for Adobe Illustrator.

In the next step, we must select the file name, such as logo, and select the option PSD. Click on the option to export, and then a window in which we must place the characteristics that we have our file appears, such as width, height, resolution, proportions mm, smoothing properties and color mode.

In the size option, let the graphic design resolution option, put the maximum 300 dpi, suitable for PSD graphic design and color mode, mark the CMYK, 32 bits.

Press the button to export and thus is our file and Corel Draw ready to work in Photoshop.

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