Changing the Logon Screen in Windows XP

Install a theme to change the logon screen

To change the logon screen of Windows XP will use the help of belchfire, a website where you will find templates for Windows XP. In this opportunity to explain how to install it, we will use the theme of a landscape.

The first thing to do is find a theme that we like and download it in our case unload this.
Then we unzip it in a folder. There will find the readme file. txt to indicate to us where we should copy the contents of this folder, in our case windirResourcesLogonUIcolorado-rockies where windir is the Windows installation directory, for example, C: Windows. Once we copied files just double click on the file RegisterLogonUI. reg and confirm the message below.

That’s all, if we return to the previous logo Restorelogon we just run the file. reg.

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