As close an application that is not responding

When it is necessary to close an application that is not responding?

In some cases we may locks, or hang some other program and that can be critical if we are working or are we just playing and not want to lose the information from them.

Sometimes you need to finish the process of this program so that we can not lock all computer and have to restart Windows, if unresponsive programs can not be saved, we must finalize the famous task manager.

The process itself is not all that complicated, just have to be careful not to terminate other programs, but it will have to know what you have to finish to avoid system conflicts.
This is done very often for technical or advanced users, because it saves them a lot of time working to avoid having to restart the computer.

Steps to close an application that is not responding

These are the steps you have to follow for successful completion of a program:
1. First we have to press the following keys simultaneously, that is, keep tight the three keys: Ctrl task manager Alt task manager Delete.
2. This will cause a window will have.
3. We will go to the applications tab.
4. Seek to terminate the program, in this example Word.
6. The same must have a state program does not respond.
7. We will right click the program and therefore the option will press End Task.

With these simple steps we can close a frozen application without restarting our computer.

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